Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Post

Like this post, should come in handy when I'm writing the next one, or (sob) re-writing the one that's out now.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Character's Names

I have trouble with character's names. Hopefully this post will help me with this small part of writing.

For Toe the Line the main characters name was Wynn. For some reason I liked the name Winter. He was suppossed to be depressed and harsh. It was shortened to Wynn. Only later did I realize I was using the name Wynn for a guy who is a racer. Get it? Wynn a race? I'm thinking of changing it. I still like the name though.

Another problem I had was the character who dies, Wynn's best friend. His name started out being Weed. It was based on Weideman my old squad leader in the Army. It was a fitting name. He was like a weed, plucky, obnoxious, unyielding. One of my friends who read a draft said they couldn't stand the name. Weed became Wheeler.

Madison is a name I love. She's the aggressive female love interest in Toe the Line. It was only much later I realized that Mad, short for Madison (I never use a shortened version in the novel thank god) describes her natural state in the novel.

So I had Mad as the angry female character, and Wynn as the all star athlete. Too corny! Strangely I didn't plan that.

Maldo is the best name. The villain is Servando Maldonado. That's a superb villain's name. It's the name of my friend from the Army. It is also the name I use in every single story that features a villain. I'm determined to use it at some point in my publishing career if only so Maldo can read about himself as a villain in a book.