Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thrillers not Dullers

I love thrillers almost as much as I love mysteries. If I had to choose one book, and I was offered a choice between Lawrence Sanders' best mystery and Fredrick Forsyth's best thriller I would probably get stuck in a cognitive loop from which I would never escape. So it's nice to fall into a nice thriller every now and then from an author whose previous work I so admired.

I have just started Fault Line by Barry Eisler (here). I read and loved the John Rain series of books. I thought they were fun to read, extremely well written and innovative for thrillers (see more here). The other books I've read by Eisler are not quite as good as those, but as a winner of  a Barry Award for Best Thriller and a Gumshoe Award for Best Thriller you have to give him some credit. So far, Fault Line is as good if not better than "Gods Eye View" (see here) but still far from as good as any of the John Rain series.

As for first lines (see all here), Fault Line doesn't disappoint:

The last thing Richard Hilzoy thought before the bullet entered his brain was, Things are really looking up.

Eisler, Barry - Fault Line