Monday, August 1, 2016

Well, . . . It Wasn't Dull . . . But Do We Call That Thrilling?

It's well documented that I have a man-crush on Hugh Grant. Don't know why . . .just do. I suspect it's a British accent thing. And if there is a British accent combined with slang, doesn't matter who says it . . .I dig it. I watch "The Great British Baking Championship" right now and I just love their slang. "I'm going give it a whack in the over." When said with a British accent it is an incredibly endearing statement.

Love Actually is one of my little brother's favorite movies. I don't blame him. Lots of British accents in that sucker. If it wasn't for the fact that Keira Knightley looks so much like a fish when she talks, it might be my favorite movie too. The scene I love most is when Hugh Grant is talking to his aide about a secretary and the aide calls the secretary "The Chubby One." Grant says "Hmmmmm, would we call her chubby?"

That's sort of how I feel about Barry Eisler's book, Fault Line (see here). Except I think my review would be, "Hmmmmm, do we call that a techno-thriller?"

The plot is pretty humdrum. A Macguffin in the form of a secret virus cracking software that the government wants and they will kill to get it. Everyone who comes near it or has something to do with it ends up dead. But really it's the story of two brothers, Ben and Alex. Ben the super spy and Alex the tech lawyer. All in all, although not a yawn fest, it just wasn't as good as some of Eisler's other works (see here).

I loved Eisler's work with the John Rain series. I thought the writing was impeccable. Sadly the last few that I've read just aren't as good as his first few (see here). Now, don't get me wrong. It's better than anything Brad Thor has ever thought about producing and as good as any of the Tom Clancy legacy novels that are still being produced. Are they on par with Forsythe? Not quite. 

His first few may have been, but these latest two have been leaving me wanting more.