Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kindle Editions

I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited so for a small sum every month I get free books, as many as I want, only ten at a time, and only from a certain selection. It's not that bad a gig for a guy who reads quite a bit. I betcha I've saved close to a hundred bucks thanks to Kindle Unlimited. All of my books are a part of Kindle Unlimited, so you Unlimited folks can go out there and get them for free (see here, here, and here).

There is also Kindle Audio. This is the audio version of all the books that I get. It's basically linked up with Kindle. I use Audible some. Not as much as I would like, but some.

There's the definitions too. If I have a question about a word, all I need to do is highlight it and BOOM, there's  the definition. Or if I'd like to see what other people are highlighting or noting all I have to do is turn that option on.

There a lot of great things about Kindle, there's also a whole lot they've left on the table, and not just for the reader, there's a lot missing for the author too.

When I first got my Kindle I was not as impressed as I hoped. I blogged about it (here) and brought up many things that I thought could be done better. Why isn't there "Kindle Soundtrack" that plays music while you read? Why isn't there "Kindle Interactive" that allows you to quickly see maps and photos of the things the reader is reading about? I remember when I was reading Shogun I really wanted to see a map of Japan. Nope. I had to go find the map that was in the book and that wasn't an easy navigation.

What about Kindle Auto Edition. What would that be? Well, I know that there are parts of my newest novel that could have used a bit more of an edit. How do I know that? Well a couple of my favorite readers let me know about them. One of my newest readers actually compiled a list of all the edits she felt should have been made before the release and sent them to me (she got a huge Starbucks gift card and free copies of all my other books for her efforts).

My problem? Why can't I upload my changes and have those changes automatically be pushed out to all the editions of my novel that have been bought? It would act as an update. By the time I push them out it might be too late, but better late than never right?

So, hurry up Amazon and get that Kindle Auto Edition going. Those of us out here who don't edit well the first time could really use it.