Monday, June 27, 2016

Running Blind Does Some Unfair Things

Although I liked the book for the same reason I liked the other Reacher books (see here) I've read, in Running Blind (here), Lee Child does pull some tricks that are unfair to the reader.

These books are fun and simple, I've said that before. So I wasn't too surprised that I was able to solve the mystery just before the dupes in the book. I like Reacher books because they're alot like the television show House. A pompous, kind of jerk guy who takes a lot of guesses and uses his brain to solve mysteries. What I didn't like was that at several times Lee Child actually added material to deliberately throw the reader off.

I don't mind a bit of subterfuge on the part of the author but showing things from the supposed killer's perspective, having the supposed killer have items that only the killer would have then later just dropping that in liue of a different killer, just isn't fair. It's false and wrong. I don't do it in my world building and don't care for authors that do. I expect more from Child even if I don't expect all that much to begin with.

Still, fun to read.

Those that read this blog know that I love compiling lists of first lines (here) and lines about the morning (here). I also like last lines (here).

They left their empty glasses on the window ledge and threaded their way through the knots of people. Everybody watched them to the door, and then turned back to their quiet speculations.

Child, Lee - Running Blind