Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yet Another One Where I Can't Wait for the Next One

Despite the dissonance involved in the title, I loved We're All Damaged by Matthew Norman. As I have finished it, and as I like to catalog last lines (see here) as well as first (see here), I offer the below.

This line occurs after the main character is trying again (don't want to give too much away) and is with the new girl. Having worked through problems like the main character has, I agree with the thought and the sentiment in the last line.

“It’s all so pretty,” she says. “But it’s kind of scary, too.” 

And she’s right. It’s absolutely terrifying.

Norman, Matthew - We're All Damaged

We're All Damaged is alot like About a Boy. Loved reading About a Boy. It was lively, engaging, a bit surreal, funny and best of all the somewhat boring ending that occurred in the book was souped up a bit for the movie. I can see the same thing happening with We're All Damaged. The climactic scene for the action in this novel, that involves a booted motorcycle, a dented pickup, boxer shorts and NWA rap, could use a bit of fine tuning. Other than that, the book was a wonderful sojourn for the lonely, love forlorn and those going through difficult relationships.

The only thing . . . it may only speak to guys, so be careful ladies. My review may not transfer across gender lines.

So why the odd title to this post? Well, I read Matthew Fitzimmon's first book, The Short Drop (see here) and I loved it. I even said I couldn't wait for his next book. The same hold true for Matthew Norman.